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Get the body you always wanted and be part of the 1% world population.

Get coached by Durah and join the Full coaching Elite Program.

Here’s An Overview Of What You Get:

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The Meal Plan

Already part of the basic workout program from the previous service, this time, when you are added to the telegram chat with Durrah himself, you will be able to directly request to change any of the meals, whilst still heading towards your physique goal.

Elite Coaching Sign Up

The Workout And Supplements

Same as above, this time, day to day, week to week, you can update durrah with your workouts, get motivated, and request any changes needed. And you will also be able to send pictures current supplements you have or wish to use or replace from your program.

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Develop A Winning Mindset

Learn how to stay motivated, stay disciplined and stick to your plan even when times get hard or you just don’t see the point anymore or when you get tempted.

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Learn Why And How

Its not just giving you information and telling you to following it blindly, you’ll get detailed knowledge on why you should do things this way.

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Be Part Of A Community Of Winners

Join our online groups on social media and Telegram. Get support from me and others on the path to reaching their dream bodies.

Elite Coaching Sign Up

Get A Chance To Win $1,000

Twice a year, I pick the best transformation from all program buyers and GIVE them $1,000.

Elite 90-Day Program • 599$


Results like the ones below aren’t luck or superior genetics or chance. It’s hard work done smart. You can try hundreds of things but nothing will get you results like getting coached by a top 1% professional like me.